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Gun Safety Consultants – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Q1. Are there any prerequisites for the course?


A1. The prerequisite for the non-restricted course (rifles and shotguns) is:

  1. Read the Canadian Firearms Safety Course Student Manual

  2. Memorize ACTS and PROVE (see below)

  3. Memorize the 4 C’s (see below)


The prerequisite for the Restricted course (handguns) is:

  1. Completion of the Canadian Firearms Safety Course

  2. Read the Canadian Restricted Firearms Safety course Student Manual


Q2. What time do the courses start?


A2. The courses start at 8:30 am both Saturday and Sunday


Q3. What do I need to bring?


A3. You will need to bring 1) reading glasses if required; 2) lunch as we pause at noon for only 25 minutes; 3) government-issued ID (driver’s license, passport, etc); and 4) a pen.


Q4. When do we do the written and practical tests?


A4. The written test for the non-restricted course is completed on Saturday afternoon and the practical test is normally on Sunday afternoon.


The written and practical tests for the restricted course are completed on Sunday afternoon.


Q5. Should I bring firearms and ammunition to the course?




Q6. What are ACTS and PROVE?


A6. It is a way we remember the steps in safely handling firearms. Use them every time you pick up a firearm or set one down:

Learn and Use the Vital Four Acts of Firearms Safety:

Assume every firearm is loaded.

Control the muzzle direction at all times.

Trigger finger must be off the trigger and outside the trigger guard.

Switch to PROVE.


Point the firearm in the safest available direction.

Remove all cartridges.

Observe the chamber.

Verify the feeding path.

Examine the bore. The firearm is now unloaded and safe.


Q7. What are the 4 ‘C’s?


A7. It is a loading procedure developed by Gun Safety Consultants staff to help students remember that putting the safety on is part of the loading procedure.  (“Keep going until you get to the ‘C’ that is spelled wrong!!”)


4 ‘C’s Loading procedure: 

Close Action

Cartridges In

Cycle action (all the way open and all the way closed)

Cafety on       (A Closed Action allows Cartridges In when I Cycle the Action Safely)


Q8. Where can I get the manual for the course?


A8. Paper copies of the manual are available from Gun Safety Consultants for $30 + gst.


There is a single manual for both courses located on the web at:

Q9. I am currently prohibited from owning firearms. May I take the course.

A9. No.


Q10. How can students contact Gun Safety Consultants?


A10. Phone 250 493-6545   

Text or call cell 250 344-2503


Facebook @ PAL/Firearms courses

On the web at                     

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