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CORE Hunting Course

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CORE stands for Conservation and Outdoor Recreation Education. Although it contains great information for anyone interested in outdoor recreation in the wilds of BC, it is a requirement for those who wish to obtain a BC hunting license. After the course, students will do a written examination and a practical firearms handling test for those who do not already have a PAL.  The written test covers the following subjects:

• Conservation
• Ethics
• Law and Regulations
• First Aid and Survival
• Firearm Safety
• Animal Identification
• Bird Identification

The CORE Manual and the Hunting and Trapping Regulation Synopsis are the  manuals used in the course.

BC Residents who wish to obtain a hunting license and are 18 years of age or older will need to do the CORE course and pass the test(s).

Online Hunter Education Course Now Available - study for your CORE exam online!

The goal of the CORE Program is to ensure that prospective hunters meet acceptable standards of knowledge and skill for safe and ethical participation in hunting recreation.

Individuals who wish to obtain a BC Hunting License and  have completed a hunter education program from another province or territory of Canada or the USA may be exempt from doing the CORE course. A Service B.C. Centre has more information on exemptions.

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