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Canadian Firearms Safety Course (PAL)


CORE Hunter Education


Located in Penticton, BC  - Gun Safety Consultants -    Sandra Williams and Ron Johnston

Canadian Firearms Safety Course –PAL Teaching PAL and CORE for Osoyoos, Oliver, Okanagan Falls, Summerland, Peachland, West Kelowna, (Westbank) and Kelowna – 

call 250 493-6545 or text 250 344-2503

Canadian Firearms Safety Course

Two qualified instructors guide you through both the non-restricted and restricted course over two days. 98.7 % of our students have passed their course.


CORE stands for Conservation and Outdoor Recreation Education. Although it contains great information for anyone interested in outdoor recreation in the wilds of BC, it is a requirement for those who wish to obtain a BC hunting license. After the course, students will do a written examination...

Fun at the Range

Separate from the Canadian Firearms Safety Course, Gun Safety consultants offers live fire courses at the Penticton Shooting Sports Association facility. Small groups are allowed to shoot rifles and/or handguns under the direction of a Range Officer. 

Next Non Restricted (NR)
and Restricted Courses (R):

An on line application for your PAL has been implemented. Your course cost will include a digital picture suitable for using when applying on line. 

Next Scheduled Date for group courses - Non Restricted and Restricted

May 4 & 5, 2024

June 8 & 9, 2024

July 6 & 7

We do private courses as well. 

Register by:

Phone 250 493-6545

Texting at 250 344-2503

or email

Alternatively, contact us here

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